FRITZstore Sales Commissions

The commissions on each sale made on FRITZstore is 10%. No subscription fees. No selling fees or other hidden fees. Nada!

Payment terms and conditions of Sellers

Payments will be made at the end of the week, subject to actual delivery of the orders concerned, with confirmation by tracking number or written confirmation from the buyer.

Protection of buyers.

We keep the money of the buyers and return it to the seller as soon as the delivery is confirmed by a tracking number provided by the seller, or by the buyer. In case of non delivery by the seller within the deadline stipulated by the general conditions of the seller, the buyer can request a refund of his order by contacting us via the form available on FRITZstore. In case of cancellation of the order by the buyer after payment of the sum collected, to the seller within the legal withdrawal period, available on the return policy page of of the concerned seller; Only that seller will be able to return the sum to the buyer. Fbox will make every effort, including the blocking of the said sum so that the refund, if justified, could actually be carried out.

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