These Terms of Use (hereinafter the "Terms of Use") govern the relationship between Fbox France SAS, 154 Avenue de Verdun - 92130 Issy-les-moulineaux, registered at the RCS Nanterrre under number 824 579 767, telephone 01 46 38 49 10 whose editor is Mr. Cheick LOHORE SAKHO (hereinafter "Fbox"), operator of FRITZstore (hereinafter FRITZstore) and The Buyer or The Sellers of All or part of the Site.

FRITZstore is hosted by the company:


4600 East Washington Street Suite 305, Phoenix, AZ 85034


Article 1: Purpose of the Terms of Use

The purpose of the Conditions of Use is to define the conditions under which Fbox makes available to The Buyer or The Seller (hereinafter the "The Buyer or The Seller") a set of services (hereinafter the "Services") which he enjoys and which he can use when browsing FRITZstore.

These services are detailed in Article 5 of the Terms of Use.

Article 2: Acceptance of Terms of Use

2.1. The Buyer or The Seller is requested to carefully read the Terms of Use prior to browsing FRITZstore and / or using the Services made available to him / her.

2.2. The Buyer or The Seller must be a natural person, be of age and have the legal capacity to contract in order to register for the FRITZstore site.

2.3. By browsing on FRITZstore and using the Services, The Buyer or The Seller is deemed to have read the Conditions of Use, to have accepted them and to commit to respect them. These Terms of Use constitute a contract between Fbox and The Buyer or The Seller.

It is possible, at any time, to print and / or save the Terms of Use.

2.4. Fbox reserves the right to modify and update the Terms of Use at any time without prior notice or special formality. It is therefore up to The Buyer or The Seller to consult regularly the Terms of Use. Browsing FRITZstore and using any or all of the Services after any change to the Terms of Use shall be considered as acceptance of such changes.

Article 3: Opening an account on FRITZstore

3.1. The creation of a Vendor Account and / or Buyer Account on FRITZstore is free (excluding internet connection costs).

It is obligatory to access the services described in article 5.2 concerning the offers and services offered by Fbox, the Sellers and other partners.

To create a Sales Account on FRITZstore The Buyer or The Seller must click on the "SELL ON FRITZstore" button at the top left of the FRITZstore homepage and fill in the requested information. The receiver get an account creation confirmation e-mail. He must confirm his registration by clicking on the link available in the confirmation e-mail. The seller must log on to the site by clicking on the CONNECTION link available at the top right of the FRITZStore homepage. He must then provide further information concerning his company and his activity by adding a logo and completing the following inserts: "About", "General Conditions", "Deliveries and Returns", "Cancellation Periods" and "Confidentialities" . The registration with the Seller Account is validated by the administrator of FRITZstore after checking the information provided by the Seller. The new seller will then receive a confirmation e-mail.

To create a Buyer Account on the FRITZstore The Buyer or The Seller must click on the "CONNECT" button at the top right of the homepage and fill in the requested information. The registration with the Buyer Account is validated by The Buyer or The Seller by clicking on the link provided in the confirmation email that it will receive. The new Buyer can log on to the FRITZstore site by clicking on the CONNECTION link available at the top right of the homepage.

During his subsequent visits to FRITZstore, the Buyer or Seller can access his Account by clicking on the "Login" button accessible from the FRITZstore homepage.

3.2. The Seller or Buyer Account is strictly personal. The Buyer or The Seller is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his password and the actions that are carried out under his username and/or password. If he logs on to a public computer, The Buyer or The Seller shall log off when leaving that computer. It is also recommended that you change your password regularly.

Article 4: Operation of the Account

4.1. From his Account, the Buyer may:

  • Update personal information

  • Change your password

  • View order history

  • Manage your subscription to the newsletter to receive monthly new benefits and discounts (for more information on the FRITZstore Privacy Policy

4.2. The Account can be deactivated at any time by contacting the site team through the contact form.

4.3. In case of failure to fulfill one of its obligations arising from the Conditions of Use, to which it has not been terminated within 15 days, following the receive of an electronic mail noticing that effect, Fbox reserves the right to deactivate the Account of the Buyer or Seller.

In addition, Fbox will have the right to deactivate the Buyer or Seller Account immediately after sending an e-mail regarding that effect, in case of fraudulent behavior on FRITZstore.

4.4. Buyer or Seller warrants that the information provided is accurate, up to date and complete, regarding its identity and contact information. In particular, The Buyer or The Seller undertakes to be the holder of the e-mail address communicated for the registration on FRITZstore. This address must be valid and regularly consulted.

The Buyer or the Seller also undertakes to update the information communicated on his Account, as soon as one of them is modified, in order to maintain the accuracy of the information.

4.5. In accordance with Article 4.3. Of the Conditions of Use, The Buyer or The Seller acknowledges that Fbox reserves the right to withdraw the possibility of accessing the FRITZstore site and any of its Services. In case The Buyer or The Seller does not respect these terms of registration and particularly. If he provides false or fanciful, inaccurate, incomplete or unmaintained data.

4.6. Fbox will never be liable in the event of any error, omission or inaccuracy in the information communicated under the responsibility of the Buyer or the Seller. The Buyer or the Seller is solely responsible for the use that may be made of his e-mail address and password or his Account. Buyer or Seller agrees to immediately notify Fbox of any unauthorized use of the Account and any breach of confidentiality or security of its identification data by mail to the following address:

Fbox France SAS

154, Av de Verdun

92130 Issy-les-moulineaux, France

Article 5: Description of the Services offered on FRITZstore

Article 5.1. Services offered by FRITZstore to all The Buyer or The Sellers

Fbox provides via FRITZstore ( a marketplace for Sellers and Buyers regarding FRITZ! Products. This service includes an exclusive technical service for the Buyer made by the Seller or the other buyers of the site via the FRITZForum ( This service is dedicated to the customers of the FRITZstore who have acquired their FRITZ products with Sellers of the markeplace knowing that registration to the Forum is made by the administrator only.

The FRITZstore also presents news, partner privileges or events specific to its activity.

Fbox can not guarantee that the information available on FRITZstore ( is free from error or omission. Therefore the Buyer or the Seller are responsible for using the information available on FRITZstore with discretion.

Article 5.2. Modification of Services

The services offered by the FRITZstore site are scalable and Fbox may propose new services, but also, if necessary, remove some of them or modify the characteristics of existing services.

Fbox reserves the right at any time to interrupt FRITZstore, all or part of the services.

Article 6: Hyperlinks

6.1. Any creation of a hypertext link pointing to FRITZstore or any part of the Site is forbidden, unless prior written agreement of Fbox.

Hyperlinks referring to FRITZstore may be unknown to Fbox. Fbox can not be held responsible for the information presented on these sites.

6.2. The existence of a hyperlink on FRITZstore referring to another site (for example, site of a partner) does not imply a validation of that site or its content, by Fbox. Therein FRITZstore and the partner sites remain strictly independent.

Fbox can not be held liable for information, commercial offers, opinions and recommendations made by these sites, or for any dispute between The Buyer, The Seller and the partner. The persons who develop and publish these sites are solely responsible for compliance with the regulations applicable to them.

In addition, Fbox can not be held responsible for any consequences that may arise during and after meetings or contacts with third parties, whether a Buyer or not, Seller or not, following the use of the various services of the site.

Article 7: Liability

7.1. The Buyer or the Seller acknowledges that he has the technical competence and tools necessary for the proper use of the Services offered by FRITZstore and has verified that the computer configuration at his disposal is adequate, in good working order and safe. As such, it is the responsibility of the Buyer and the Seller to take all appropriate measures to protect his data, computer systems or software from contamination by possible viruses, Trojan horses or more generally, any computer programs that may compromise the security of the FRITZstore.

The Buyer or the Seller is solely responsible for the equipment he uses to access the site. Which remains at his exclusive charge, as well as the possible communication costs induced by this use.

7.2. Fbox is committed to making its best efforts to provide optimal service quality. However, in view of the particular nature of the Internet network, the functioning of the FRITZstore site, access to the FRITZstore, access to the Account and its use may be punctually interrupted, in particular to enable Fbox to carry out maintenance work, (Hardware and software) needed to operate the FRITZstore. In no case shall Fbox be liable in this respect.

7.3. In no event Fbox's liability shall endure the promotional offers offered on FRITZstore by the Vendors or any claim to be addressed to the concerned Sellers.

7.4. Fbox can not be held liable in the event of force majeure or facts beyond its control, in particular in the event of interruption of the Site and / or all or part of the Services resulting from a failure of the Internet network, the telephone network Or the Internet provider of the Buyer or the Seller.

7.5. Fbox is not responsible for the fraudulent use that may be made by any Buyer or Seller or, more generally, by any third party, of the information or content of the FRITZstore.

Article 8: Personal data

The use of the FRITZstore site and the provision of the services offered include the processing by Fbox and its partners, of The Buyer or The Seller's personal data.

The details of this treatment are available in the Privacy Policy of the site.

Article 9: Intellectual Property

FRITZstore, trademarks, logos and other distinctive signs of Fbox and any software used on FRITZstore as well as the contents of the site (ie, any text, video, image or any other information in any format or form On FRITZstore) (hereinafter the "Properties") are the exclusive property of Fbox and / or resellers or other partners of Fbox. Properties are subject to protection by copyright, trademark law, patent law, or any other intellectual property right.

It is therefore prohibited to copy, modify, reproduce, distribute, publish, integrate on any medium whatsoever, adapt, transfer or assign, license, sublicense, give as security, transmit in any other way under any form whatsoever the Properties or carry out inverse engineering or use any other method to try to access the source codes and / or protocols of the Properties without the express authorization of Fbox or the holder Rights.

Failure to comply with this prohibition constitutes an infringement capable of engaging the civil and criminal liability of the infringer.

Article 10: Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The Terms of Use and the relationship between Buyer, Seller and Fbox are subject to French law. The French courts have jurisdiction to rule on all disputes that may arise between the parties with respect to the execution of the present.

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