Safety update control for greater transparency

The user interface of the FRITZ!Box offers a central information page for more control and transparency in your business or home network. Just click on "Diagnostic" then "Security" in the left menu.

This is where you will also find information about the safety of logins, users and the FRITZ!Box's FRITZ!NAS. If you wish, you can also see instructions on the most important points.

Now you can also see at a glance the latest installed version of FRITZ!OS, the open ports for connections between the Internet and your network, as well as people connected to the wireless LAN and to the user interface of the FRITZ!Box.

Security increased by password

When choosing a new password, you sometimes have doubts about the number or type of characters to use? The VDSL router FRITZ!Box can now generate secure passwords for users, whether, creating new user accounts or configuring MyFRITZ! A nice visual indicates the security level of the password and displays specific advices to help you make access to your information more secured.

Stay informed about updates

The technological profile and the security of your Internet connection are changing constantly, which is why you should always keep your FRITZ!Box up to date. By doing this, you make, whenever the update allows it, your wireless router FRITZ!Box more functional with new features and / or improve existing ones. Now, with the new option "Automatic Update" (located under "System> Update" FRITZ OS 6.20 offers multiple ways to keep your device up to date.

  • You can choose to receive updates via the user interface only. If you choose this option, you will charge the new version of the FRITZ!OS on your FRITZ!Box yourself.
  • In addition to the notification feature via the user interface, you can also choose to receive e-mails.
  • The critical updates, such as those required for safety reasons, are installed automatically without your action. This usually happens at a convenient time and you will be informed. You still install the updates that contain new features manually. As AVM recommends automatic update for security matters, this option is enabled by default.
  • The latest models of the FRITZ!Box can make the automatic updates. If you have a a recent model of FRITZ!Box, you will also be informed of new updates.

Regardless your settings, the available updates will be posted on the front page of the user interface.

Secured TLS 1.2 encryption

The e-mails sent from the FRITZ!Box will now be encrypted before being transmitted to the mail server of your provider, preventing interception of your communications by third parties.

When you get into your FRITZ!Box remotely via the Internet, the TLS 1.2 encryption improves data security by protecting the connection using the secured AES standard.

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