The first media player in HTML for FRITZ!NAS

The update also includes practical improvements for FRITZ!NAS: from the new version of your Internet browser, you can listen to music and watch movies with your HTML media player. You can also view your photos as a slideshow, share with friends, or delete them. And that's not all: if you use the player to listen to a track, you can simultaneously browse your FRITZ!NAS without interrupting the music.

Storage media connected to your router FRITZ!Box can now be exploited more easily. Files (even several at a time) can be easily downloaded by simply dragging and dropping.

Icons and Advanced Research

To allow you easily find more files in the NAS, there are now several icons to designate files and folders approved and also help instructions to follow. You can also search metafiles and filter your search requests. You can even search for files and folders specially appointed and, eventually, easily find all pictures taken within a specified date.

Faster loading of pages

The new version of the operating system FRITZ!OS accelerates your FRITZ!NAS. Pages load faster, eliminating the expectations when you try to view the contents of a folder or other information. In addition, the file server FRITZ!NAS has a more optimal speed when connected to the USB 3.0 port of the wireless router FRITZ!Box.

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