More options for phones

With the new operating system FRITZ!OS 6.20, it becomes more comfortable to make calls with your Dect phone FRITZ!Fon with several new features.

All incoming calls at a glance

We made the list of calls of you wireless phone FRITZ!Fon C4 even clearer. There's now a symbol next to each call, so that you can see at a glance those you have taken and those you haven't. You can also view received messages in your FRITZ!Box answering and read it by just the touch of a button.

Webcam images on the screen

Are you a fan of webcams? If so, you will appreciate the new functionality of your DECT phone FRITZ!Fon C4: you can now watch webcam images on the screen of the phone. Just enter the URL of the online camera on your phone FRITZ!Fon keypad and enjoy the views of Berlin Alexanderplatz, the Eiffel Tower, or view the images of your own webcam.

Lighting controlled by motion sensor

With the new version of the FRITZ!OS, your wireless phone FRITZ!Fon C4 automatically regulates the keyboard light. When you hold the phone in your hand, the screen lights up with a brightness set automatically depending on the ambient light. Once you lift the phone to your ear, the screen turns off.

Improved compatibility with other manufacturers' phones

Users can now enjoy greater compatibility with phones from other manufacturers. This means that you can use the phone book and other useful features with a bunch of other devices.

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