Transparency and simplicity for your local wireless network

Overall improved and comprehensive information for safety

When it comes to wireless LAN, the latest version of the FRITZ!OS provides a better overview. The summary of the wireless devices in the central security page (with all the key details of networks and connected devices) is not the only change. You will also see the name of your wireless network on the home page of the user interface, from where you can directly go to the guest access.

Faster access to your wireless access point.

Do you have a wireless access for your guests? Well, it can now be configured even faster. Visitors can now use the wifi by the touch of a button with WPS registration. With your wireless access point, you allow your guests to surf and check e-mails, while keeping out of range of any unauthorized connections. You can also choose to be notified by e-mail every time someone connects a wireless device to your network.

All wireless devices connected to a single glance

Keep track of your registered wireless devices even easier. Under the menu "Wireless Network" in the user interface, you will see the actual speed rates of download and upload, as well as the wireless standard, the frequency and the bandwidth of the channel used by device. By clicking the icon "Edit", you will also be able to see a lot of additional informations.

Wireless functional and secure wireless

The FRITZ!Box is known to be intuitive and the latest version of the FRITZ!OS continues this momentum brilliantly. That's why the guest wireless access now has its own button "Start WPS." So your guests can easily establish a secure connection to the private hotspot of your FRITZ!Box and therefore have Internet access via the WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup).


To move to the optimal wireless channel for your environment, you can now manually trigger automatic selection if necessary by clicking on "Update automatic channel".

Integration of mobile devices using a QR code

The new version of the FRITZ!OS takes in consideration the increased use of mobile devices within home networks and businesses. Which is why you can now integrate your smartphone or tablet in the wireless LAN router FRITZ!Box even easier. Just use the printable QR code present in the user interface menu "Wireless network". The connection can be established in a completely intuitive way using FRITZ!WLAN App.

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