For more transparency, security and convenience

The free update includes new features to the FRITZ!Box 7490 and 7390, and other models to come. Here are the innovations of FRITZ!OS 6.20 :

Transparency and simplicity for your wireless LAN.

Now it's even easier to keep track of your local wireless network to the central security page, you can see an overview of all your wireless devices, while the home page now displays the name of your network wireless. That page can leads the user straight to the wireless guest access. Now, you will need less time to set up wireless access for your guests.

You will also have a dedicated view of all wireless devices, including key information about each device. With the new button "Update", you can manually trigger the search for the wireless channel that is more suited to your environment . With FRITZ!OS 6.20, smartphones and tablets can be added to the wireless FRITZ!Box network even easier. Get more simplicity with a QR code.

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New features for the phones

Use the your wireless dect phone FRITZ!Fon more like the masters. You now have a symbol at the left of each incoming call in the call list, so you can see right away if you took the call, missed it or if the caller left a message. If so, it can be read directly from that same list.

You can also view images from a webcam on the screen of your handset FRITZ!Fon

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The first HTML media player for your FRITZ!NAS

Do you already have FRITZ!NAS centralizing stored data on a USB drive connected to your FRITZ!Box? And do you have access to those data from your home network or remotely via MyFRITZ! ? If so, you'll be delighted to learn that photos, movies and music can be played or read directly through the latest version of your Internet browser. What's more, you can easily perform a drag and drop of your files to your NAS server FRITZ!NAS.

FRITZ!NAS pages now load faster after the update and you will get a more efficient throughput on the USB port.

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