Best VDSL and DSL Routers

The router FRITZ!Box 7490 and FRITZ!Box 7272 are the best according to the Stiftung Warentest foundation

The German consumers foundation Stiftung Warentest conducted technical test on DSL and VDSL box FRITZ! Box 7490 and the FRITZ! Box 7272 and various internet routers in the latest edition of their magazine in August 2014 The result of test place winner FRITZ Box modem! 7490 and FRITZ! Box 7272 for their speed data transfer and their many functionalities which makes them versatile and also for their safety. With these two new vdsl and dsl routers FRITZ!Box 7490 and FRITZ!Box 7272 The German company AVM shows itself once again, as one of the best brand in networking devices manufacturing and supplemented its countless list of technological victories gained so far.


4 times the rate "very good" for the VDSL router FRITZ!Box 7490


The wireless modem and router FRITZ!Box 7490 got the grade "very good" in four of the five criteria of the performed technical tests. Besides its ultra fast data flow, this modem is very secure and offers many and varied applications. It provides a very intuitiv interface. Services and applications were also rewarded and recognized and as useful, namely MyFRITZ!, the fax or the integration of cost control function. The beautiful and fearless FRITZ!Box 7490, VDSL router modem, got the overall average of 1.6 / 6. Usually with 1 as highest score. So it won handily the first place of these technical tests made on somme of the latest existing VDSL devices on the market.


The FRITZ!Box 7172 is the best existing DSL router of the European market


According to the Stiftung Warentest foundation the dsl router box FRITZ!Box 7272 is the best for its versatility. Indeed it has both call center functions and guest access for friends and colleagues. For its operation and safety experts it gets the Supreme mentien "very good" while getting the highest score of the ranking of 1.8 / 6 with 1 as benchmark reference.

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