High-speed wireless LAN with the new WiFi AC standard


FRITZ!Box 7490 and the upcoming FRITZ!WLAN USB Stick AC 430 already build on the latest wireless standard IEEE 802.11ac. This technology means the following advantages for your connections:


  • Ultra-fast connections at three times the speed
  • Greater range with a strong wireless signal
  • Complete compatibility with older wireless standards

Ultra-fast connections at triple the speed


The new Wireless AC standard provides for considerably higher speeds in your wireless network than did wireless N. Wireless AC achieves gross data rates of up to 1300 Mbit/s – three times faster than with the previous standard. The radio channel has also been widened to allow even more data throughput. Now you can enjoy rapid HD video streaming, transfer large amounts of data in no time at all, and integrate multiple high bandwidth devices in the home network or connect them with the Internet..


Greater range with a strong wireless signal

If your wireless LAN signal was weak in certain locations in your home, or if coverage did not include the basement or back garden, thanks to the latest Wireless AC technology the FRITZ!Box 7490 you can now enjoy the best data rates even over greater distances. And because more wireless LAN channels are available, it is now even easier to avoid interference with other wireless networks in the vicinity.

Complete compatibility with older wireless standards

 5ghz Wireless AC transmits in the less used 5-GHz frequency band, making for extremely stable connections. But a second integrated radio module also allows the parallel integration of those wireless devices in your network that use the 2.4-GHz band. With the FRITZ!Box 7490 you automatically use the best available frequency band for fastest connection possible, allowing for optimal integration of all your wireless LAN devices.

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