FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 450E



FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 450E

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FRITZ! WLAN Repeater 450E extends the signal of your wireless network with WPA2!

The FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 450E lets you increase the range of any wireless network quickly and easily at the push of a button. Integrated WPA2 wireless encryption guarantees the requisite security.

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FRITZ! WLAN Repeater 450E increases the range of wireless radio signal, up to 450Mbit/s.

FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 450E offers a simple, convenient way of increasing the range of the 2.4.GHz radio signal, and does so with up to 450 Mbit/s. Additional devices like AV receivers, TVs and network storage can be connected with the built-in gigabit LAN port for safe, easy integration into the home network.


  • Increases the range of the wireless network quickly and easily
  • Wireless LAN 802.11n standard at up to 450 Mbit/s for wireless, high-speed access
  • Compatible with all conventional WLAN routers (802.11n/g/b radio standards)
  • Wireless LAN support for 2.4-GHz connections
  • Maximum Wireless LAN security with WPA2 (802.11i), or WPA and WEP (128/64)
  • Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) easy and safe Wireless LAN configuration at the touch of a button
  • Devices connected to the Gigabit LAN port (computers, printers, audio/video players, etc.) receive Wireless LAN functionality (Ethernet, 10/100/1000 Base-T)
  • FRITZ!WLAN Repeater can be connected to a router via network cable (LAN bridge)
  • Compact design for use at practically any outlet
  • Software Wizard for simple configuration:

FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 450E Overview :

 WPSAudioFrequencyWiFiDisplayEthernetPart. No
FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 450EButton/2,4 GHz


8 LEDs1 x Gigabit LAN20002678
FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 310Button/2,4 GHz802.11n/g/b7 LEDs/20002600
FRITZ!WLAN Repeater 300EButton/2,4 / 5 GHz802.11n/g/b8 LEDs1 x Gigabit LAN20002500
FRITZ!WLAN Repeater N/GTouchanalog, digital, UKW2,4 / 5 GHz802.11n/g/bTouch-Display/20002445



Product NameFRITZ!WLAN Repeater 450E
Product Reference20002678

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